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A Strong SEO Plan is Just Like Getting in Shape… Wait, What?

September 24, 2019
A Strong SEO Plan is Just Like Getting in Shape… Wait, What?

Working out and getting into shape takes time, energy, and a whole lot of dedication—and ranking high on search engines takes the same amount of effort. It isn’t something that will happen overnight and by doing nothing, you’re not going to get very far. 

It’s often the case that clients will ask a fitness instructor if they can guarantee weight loss, strength gains, or flexibility. And they want to know whether signing up with a particular instructor will give them results quicker. 

There is only one answer: you need a proven process, good content, and consistency.

On the outside, search engine optimization and fitness seem to have little to nothing in common. But, if we take a closer look, we can see evidence that the two mirror each other when it comes to management, what you put in to it, consistency, and process.

It’s About Stamina

It’s important to follow a long-term plan in both cases. One-off attempts to improve your SEO is about as useful as going to a single fitness class a month. 

If you're not showing up on the first page of search engines like Google, you're going to have a hard time seeing success.

In both fitness and SEO, you need to be consistent, follow a plan, and keep going.  

There are no short-cuts that lead to good results. This is true in both fields. You can’t take a magic pill and expect to turn into an athlete just like you cannot click a big red button that will fix all of your website’s SEO issues. Results that increase traffic to your website come from hard work and dedication!

Nutrition Is The Way to Good SEO

A Strong SEO Plan is Just Like Getting in Shape… Wait, What?

If you’ve been working out, attending all your workout classes, and executing the perfect training regimen, but you still haven’t hit any of your goals, you probably don’t have the right nutrition in your system. 

In order to get good results for your body, you need to fuel it with all the foods that keep it going and help your body get in shape. 

The same can be said for SEO. If you stuff your website with low-quality links, duplicate or low-quality content with a lackluster user experience, then your results are going to impact the overall performance of your website—especially in organic search results.

However, if you consistently update your website with helpful blog posts, resources, case studies, and valuable information, your website health will skyrocket.

Think of it this way...good nutrition and working out is equivalent to good content and consistent updates.

It’s Not A Level Playing Field

How far you go as an athlete depends on your body. Few people are born with the perfect body that requires little effort to get into shape and the same can be said for websites. There aren’t many websites that can bring a lot to the table without having an outstanding feature, product, or service that makes them popular with users.

It takes ongoing research and optimization to get (and keep) the top spots on Google.

It’s a Competitive World

Competition can be frustrating. The world doesn’t stop moving because you’ve gotten to the top, there is always a chance that somebody new will come and take that top spot from you. 

They’ll perform better, faster, and stronger—despite all of your hard work. 

The same can be said about SEO—if you stop working at it, you’ll lose your strong online presence and your rankings in Google. 

Keep Moving Forward

A Strong SEO Plan is Just Like Getting in Shape… Wait, What?

With physical activities, it's important to play safe and avoid health problems. Tend to injured joints, care for torn muscles, and try not to overexert yourself.

It’s a similar situation with SEO.

You need to focus on the right objective, keep on a steady course, and avoid any problems with your website. 

Stay lean, fit and focused on your goal. 

For a better chance at success, get into a regular routine - whether it’s in the gym or in the office, improve yourself and your company one step at a time. 

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