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Why You Can’t Get Clients to Schedule Appointments - And How to Fix It

February 7, 2020
Why You Can’t Get Clients to Schedule Appointments - And How to Fix It

Are you struggling to bring more clients into your business? 

Are you stuck in an endless loop of feast or famine trying to bring in a steady income? 

Are your leads not following through and booking appointments with you? 

There are so many reasons why your website’s visitors might not schedule appointments, but there are usually three main culprits:

  1. They might not have a genuine interest in your services 
  2. Your website might not be ranked high enough on Google to reach the right people 
  3. Your message isn’t clear enough to get across to your audience

These three issues can result in a problem with the quality, quantity and consistency of your leads. Luckily, we’re here to help you fix it! So, let’s take a look at some of our tried and tested solutions for increasing your online appointment conversions. 

Problem: Low Volume of High-Quality Leads

If you’ve got a low volume of leads coming into your business then you’re not going to get many clients scheduling appointments. Even if you have leads coming in, they might not be high-quality. What we mean by that is the leads your website is attracting are signing up, but not following through with an appointment. 

A low volume of leads can be caused by a couple of things including:

  • Little or no marketing
  • Not doing the right type of marketing on the right platform
  • Relying solely on referrals from previous clients
  • Relying only on your website and SEO to attract clients
  • Not giving your leads that final push to convert

Our Solution:

Fully plan out and research a marketing strategy for your company and implement it as soon as possible to help attract more clients to your business. You’ll usually find that a combination of online advertising, SEO and automated emails or texts can really help your company make the most out of its marketing. 

You should always nurture your leads, if not, they won’t have continuous interest in your company and will most likely forget about you. A lead nurturing strategy will also weed out unsuitable leads - they’ll realize you’re not the company they need. This is a great thing in the long run, as you can focus your time and energy on the customers you want. You can do this by sending them automated email or text reminders to book an appointment with you.

Problem: Lack of Consistent Leads

If you’ve got a serious lack of consistency when it comes to generating leads, then you might find yourself stuck in the feast or famine sales cycle. 

When you go through a dry spell and have no leads coming into your business, a rush of relief often falls over us when you suddenly hit a stream of leads. But this isn’t a good thing for our business and can be incredibly stressful. 

You don’t want to get caught up in a cycle of having lots of leads to having none at all. It’s all about being consistent and a consistent string of leads will help you have consistent appointments and meetings with interested clients. 

What causes inconsistent lead generation is:

  • Relying on referrals
  • Attending events occasionally
  • Random marketing campaigns

When you rely on referrals, events and inconsistent marketing to generate the high majority of your leads, then you’re only going to get leads around the time of the events or when you were last recommended. 

Our Solution:

If you want to gain more consistency with your lead generation, then you should begin advertising consistently on Google, Facebook and other relevant social media platforms. You can use online adverts to run ads which will help you gain a consistent, reliable feed of leads. 

Another great option to consider for consistent leads is continuous SEO (search engine optimization) to help your website rank higher on Google and other search engines. 

Problem: Low Lead Conversion

So, you’ve managed to attract a whole lot of leads, but they just aren’t booking. You want your clients to convert as soon as possible, and this isn’t going to happen if they aren’t blown away with what you have to offer. 

Leads won’t convert if:

  • Your content doesn’t appeal to your target audience
  • Your brand message doesn’t match your audience’s standards
  • Your offers aren’t attractive enough for your clients
  • Your website is difficult to use 

Our Solution

If you want your leads to convert quicker and guarantee your business new clients, then you need to research and develop a strategy to learn about your target market and quickly.  

Getting to know who your target market is and developing content to speak directly to the issues they face will attract more leads that want to convert and work with you. 

You can do this by simply creating buyer personas for your potential clients and crafting your content around these buyer personas. This will help you create marketing that will directly target your individual audience. 

You can also encourage leads to convert by showing off any of your previous work through case studies. This will show them proof that you have the ability to solve their problems.

If you’re worried that your website is difficult to use, consider investing in user testing. User testing involves recording a selected group of ‘average’ website users to try and use your website. You can then go through the footage and get incredibly useful insight into any problems they ran into along the way.

Problem: Slow Lead Followup

Why You Can’t Get Clients to Schedule Appointments - And How to Fix It

If your sales team is out of touch with your customers then you’re going to lose more leads than you gain. 

Clients aren’t going to want to work with you if you don’t try to make an effort with them. Clients want to feel special and if your sales team doesn’t actively pursue them and follow up their enquiry then they’re going to go elsewhere for their business. 

What usually causes slow lead follow up is a sales team that’s overrun with work because of a lack of implemented automation into your systems.

Our Solution

The best way to ensure that your team can be quick to follow up on leads is to bring in automation. You can automate text messages, emails and voicemails that will help your team get more appointments scheduled and it involves very little manual input. 

At Friday Marketing, we help companies solve the problems and close the gaps that stop leads from scheduling appointments with you. Our goal is to help you achieve your sales goals by scheduling more high-quality appointments with your leads.

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