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Marketing Automation

Book more appointments by consistently nurturing your prospects with marketing automation.

ASk Yourself...

Can you answer "Yes" to these 3 questions?

Is your sales team wasting time calling cold leads, or trying to keep up with every lead?


Are you generating a lot of leads every month—but only able to close 20%?


Do you currently have a large email list that’s simply too big to follow up with?

Marketing Automation May Be The Answer You're Looking For

It may not be the one you thought it was, though. Marketing automation isn't simply about creating email series or capturing customer information.

That's part of the process, of course. But it's also about developing a sound email marketing strategy. Segmenting your leads based on their behaviors so you can lead them through your sales funnel. And reaching out to those leads—across all channels—in a way that makes sense for your business to help you close more deals.

If you’re looking for tactical email marketing services, you’re in the wrong place. But if you’d like assistance with strategically sound marketing automation—that, yes, integrates with your website—Friday Marketing can help.

How would you like to save time with systems and processes so that you can become more profitable?
Yes - show me how!

More than just email marketing

What Marketing Automation Can Do for You

Nurture & Educate

Your best opportunities to provide warm leads

Maximize ROI

By sending offers only to those most likely to buy

PersonalizeD Sales Process

For your best leads

Prioritize Leads

Based on their website and email behaviors

No more guessing about Marketing Automation

  • Happier leads because you’ve only been sending them the kinds of content they want to see. (Did you know? Low-quality, irrelevant content is the #1 reason qualified leads leave email lists.)

  • Your sales team will be informed on what interests leads instead of them having to guess. So, they’ll enjoy better conversations with warmer prospects and achieve higher close rates.

Take ahold of the opportunity to build relationships with your top buyers—and sell more. That’s the power of marketing automation and Friday Marketing.

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We were a start-up company spending our investors money. Thus, initially we were looking for great help but we also needed a good value. Debra and her crew took care of us back then and have grown along with us over the last few years. Friday Marketing offers a very wide variety of services that we have dipped into as we needed marketing and support. Additionally, they have done a great job both creating, managing and keeping our website current. With the timely and careful service we receive from them, we really view Friday Marketing as a valuable extension of our own staff.

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