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Here’s a quick SEO joke...

Where’s the best place to hide something where no one will ever find it?

The second page of Google.

Funny perhaps. But behind that little bit of humor is a sobering truth.

Statistics show that 75% of all clicks—and possibly even more!—go to the search engine results on the first page.

It’s numbers like this that make businesses and brands run to hire SEO services.

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Considering SEO?

But if you’re considering search engine marketing, know this—it’s not enough to mash some keywords into your content, then sit back and wait for the traffic to flood in.

SEO marketing should be about optimizing your website to bring you not just “traffic,” but the best traffic. It’s an in-depth process involving research and targeted content creation—and it’s one we’d be happy to help you with at Friday Marketing.

Our SIMPLE Approach

Strategic SEO Marketing



Our process starts with extensive keyword research. (It’s the only way to set you up for success—SEO without strategy is a non-starter.) First, we'll discover exactly which keyword phrases people use to search online for solutions like the ones you offer. Then we'll optimize your website by naturally adding those phrases to every page. Although moving up in the search engines takes time, in the long run it’s well worth the investment.



Once the initial keyword phrase research is complete, we’ll work with you to choose the keyword phrase that works best for each page. Beyond that is creating the high-quality content that your customers are searching for online. After that point, monthly meetings will give us the opportunity to check in with you on progress, make changes, and give you the chance to really understand how your campaign is performing.



Our process at Friday Marketing has more moving parts than the average campaign, but we make the process easy for you—and it leads to better results. Because of our research, your website has a better chance of being seen. And not just by anyone—but by the customers who are looking for what you offer. Google is always changing its ranking factors, and your competitors are always switching up their strategies so it's important to consistently update your strategy.

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We were a start-up company spending our investors money. Thus, initially we were looking for great help but we also needed a good value. Debra and her crew took care of us back then and have grown along with us over the last few years. Friday Marketing offers a very wide variety of services that we have dipped into as we needed marketing and support. Additionally, they have done a great job both creating, managing and keeping our website current. With the timely and careful service we receive from them, we really view Friday Marketing as a valuable extension of our own staff.

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