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Logo Design

You get seconds to make a first impression.
A professional brand will build trust and ensure that impression is a good one.
Truth is...

If you’re like most companies, you may think that branding is about nothing more than a nice logo and pretty design.

The truth is that strategically building a cohesive brand is the single biggest thing you can do to improve customer trust, speed the sales process, and increase market share.

But it’s all right if you didn’t know that. Because your competitors probably don’t, either—and now you can take advantage of that fact.

A Strategy Forward Branding Approach Allows You To...

  • Better position yourself as a market leader

  • Build customer loyalty

  • Reassure buyers and other important website visitors

  • Present a cohesive view of your company to the world

Yes, of course you need logos, business cards, marketing materials, website design and more.

But when you stop considering those individually—and instead ask Friday Marketing to take a strategic approach to designing them all as a whole—you’ll reap great rewards.

Our Strategic Branding Process

Reflect Your Vision & Positioning
Build customer trust

BuildS Customer Trust

Tell your story graphic design

Visually TellS Your Story

Marketing strategies to become a leader

PositionS You As A Leader

Professional branding

RepresentS You Professionally

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We were a start-up company spending our investors money. Thus, initially we were looking for great help but we also needed a good value. Debra and her crew took care of us back then and have grown along with us over the last few years. Friday Marketing offers a very wide variety of services that we have dipped into as we needed marketing and support. Additionally, they have done a great job both creating, managing and keeping our website current. With the timely and careful service we receive from them, we really view Friday Marketing as a valuable extension of our own staff.

Mark Bauer
California Safe Soil
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