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What's a website worth to your business?

November 4, 2014
What's a website worth to your business?

Better yet, what’s a professionally designed marketing tool website worth to your business?

The whole point of getting someone to your website is to have them contact your business. This turns them into a lead, and then hopefully, a sale. But, in order to get to that sale, you must show them what value your services can provide them, in their language, and make it easy for them to contact you. You need a website that provides your business with results.

Your website should offer your current and potential clients as one place to get in contact with you in many different ways. This may be through your contact form on your contact page, by calling a phone number or visiting the address provided on your website, from an email newsletter campaign, social media provided by links on your website, or even your blog.

It gives you a professional place to direct customers to online that’s all about what you can provide your customers and why they should start a relationship with your business.

If your website is used properly, it can be a great lead generating tool for your business; and there are many ways to do this through online marketing. Your website should be integrated with SEO keywords to help rank your business higher in organic searches, but you can also utilize PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising to give your search engine results that extra boost. Having a blog on your website that includes SEO keywords is another great way to use your website as a lead generating tool. Sharing links to your blog posts across all social media platforms is even better and can bring prospective leads right to your website. Make sure the page they land on has valuable content and a way to easily get in contact with you.

On top of all that is video marketing. Video marketing is one of the top ways to boost your Google search engine rankings. In fact, Google scans for new videos integrated with SEO keywords more often than new SEO integrated websites, so it's a great option to boost your business online faster.

Remember, your website is a place to showcase your business as an expert in your industry, provide your customers with value, and most importantly, generate leads.

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