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Getting Started With Social Media

February 5, 2015
Getting Started With Social Media

Social media marketing is increasingly important for a business’s success. Increase your business’s online exposure and generate more leads—Here's how:

1. Sign up.

If you’re not a member of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or other social media sites—now is the time to sign up. Do some research on which social media sites will work best for your business; we suggest starting with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+ as a base and adding on any other sites you find will work for you.

2. Create a page or profile for your business.

This works a bit differently, depending on the site. For example, on Facebook, you will want to create a business page created under a personal profile. On Twitter, a business profile, on Linkedin a personal and company page, and on Google+ a business page. You’ll want to use the same profile photo and cover photo across all social media pages so customers can easily and quickly recognize your business, no matter what social media page they find.

3. Get some contacts.

The best way to get your pages noticed is to share them. Make sure people know they exist—put social media icons on your website and in your email marketing newsletters. In addition, like and follow other pages, interact with ongoing conversations, and share, like, favorite, +1, and retweet other people’s udpates. This immediately exposes your page to lots of different people, and you will gain potential customers.

4. Post, Post, Post.

Make sure that you are communicating! How will anyone know about your business if you don't talk about it? Post relevant, interesting topics and links to valuable articles when you don't have any business updates. Make sure to post often too, at least once per day is best to stay in front of your customers. Post photos whenever possible, and try to stay away from controversial topics if possible.

5. Give it time.

It will take some time to grow your business with social media, so be patient and be consistent. Set aside time each day to find new contacts, communicate, and to assess your marketing goals.

6. Be creative.

Think of things you can do to increase your social media exposure. Try holding a contest for your fans and contacts to let them know you appreciate them, post recent testimonials or the outcome of a project you just finished. Keep your content moving, interesting, and most importantly, valuable.

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