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4 Social Media Strategies to Get You Recognized

June 26, 2015
4 Social Media Strategies to Get You Recognized

When it comes to utilizing social media marketing for your business, you’ll want to promote your business in the best light to the web surfers without being too flashy, boring, or uninformative. Follow these tips to figure out how your business can get recognized in the flurry of social media. The solution for every business is different, but the tools to get there are all you need.

1. Give the People What They Want

While it might seem almost too simple, using photos will help your company get a lot more attention on social media. People are visual, especially when browsing quickly through social media. Give people what they want to see, otherwise, they won’t look at it.

When posting on social media, think to yourself…“Why should someone read my post and what will they get from it?”

If you’re having trouble with image creation, try Canva, a free online tool. It allows you to easily create designs using a drag and drop online design software. Your images end up looking professional and eye-catching, perfect for social media. Click here to check out Canva.

2. Don’t Forget About Your Peers

Reach out to the people who other people listen to.

These are your "influencers."

That means popular bloggers, critics, and opinionated shoppers that have a reputable name can always help you reach more people in a quicker manner and they carry more clout. Of course, they will have to like your product, but often if you can get them to sample your food or be a tester for an item they would be able to tell everyone who follows them all about it.

If you’re more of a service-based business, ask for them to share your latest blog post or write a testimonial if they have used your services.

3. Everyone's a VIP

Always recognize the customers that you already have.

Provide special deals just to the people who follow you or “like” your social media pages, or just to those that subscribe to your newsletter. People have a need to feel special, and if a company can successfully give people the impression that they, in fact, are important to them, that loyalty system only gets stronger and they will end up recommending you to others.

Get the people that already like your business to love your business.

Get them involved and give them a reason to remember and recommend your brand.

4. Confidence Sells

Stand out in the crowd. You've heard it a million times...but how?

You must prove that you are unique in what might be a crowd of similar companies, cheaper products, or comparable services.

How can you engage, impress and identify yourself as a leader in your niche? Figure out what value your business brings to the table that no other business does. Once you know, showcase it…flaunt it.

And remember, have confidence in your products and services on social media—confidence sells.

The world of social media is constantly buzzing. People are always following, liking, sharing, tweeting, and pinning. Don’t get lost in the commotion, be a part of it. Use these tools to figure out what your business has to bring to the table on social media and start standing out.

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