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4 Common Blog Writing Mistakes to Avoid

March 20, 2015
4 Common Blog Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Blog writing is an incredible asset for businesses and should be used by all professionals in their marketing—but it should be used appropriately. Convert more leads for your business by avoiding these blog writing mistakes with your next post.

Your Blog and Your Business

Readers aren't coming to your blog to only read about your business—they are reading it to get value from what your post is about. With that said, it won't hurt to add interesting and relevant examples from your business, such as case studies, but you don’t want it to become overbearing. Your blog is for your customers, not you, and the key is finding a happy medium.

Creating a Daily Output of Content

Even if you created the best, most informative content of all time, it’s not ideal to publish it every single day. Spreading your posts out, whether it’s once a week or even three times per week depending on your business, will work better for you. Assuming that you are sharing all your blog posts on social media, which you should be, the more you post things from your website rather than other shared content, the more likely you will lose followers, likes, and customers. In addition, if you’re emailing out every blog post, you don't want to bombard them with constant, daily updates from your blog.

Proper Editing

Writing doesn’t include just writing–it includes editing. Make sure you spend enough time reading over and editing your posts, it’s a good idea to ask a co-worker to look them over as well. Failing to take this step has the potential to hurt your business’s professional image.

Sharing Posts

The point of writing a blog is for people to read it, and in business, to convert leads. Once your business writes a new post, it must be shared across all social media platforms that you are active on. Make sure to include an image with the post, and post it more than once, with a different language, of course. With the never-ending quick pace of social media, posting your blog post multiple times allows all of your customers to find it when they are online. Read this infographic for the best times to post on each social media platform.

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