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Step 2:

Cancel Your Old Website Hosting

Your website is now hosted by us. Please make sure to cancel your old website hosting so you are no longer paying for it. (DO NOT cancel your domain name. Website HOSTING only)

Step 3:

Schedule Your 1-Hour Website Training Meeting

Step 4: Website Reporting

You are set up on Google Analytics & BC-Hosting website reporting. Both reports are provided as they have different default filters so you can get a feel for your website's performance. Admins will receive these reports every Monday morning.

Step 5: Website Backups

We will be backing up your website on a weekly basis. Should anything ever be accidentally deleted, we will have a copy in our records to fix it.

Step 6: 30 Day Website Warranty

Your 30 Day Warranty starts today and ends 30 days from today, see my email for the exact dates. This warranty includes any technical issues. After the warranty ends, all changes are billed at our hourly rate.

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