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Graphic Design

Build trust by telling your unique story.
Design is something that seems easy to do—but proves itself so difficult to do correctly.

why is that?

Design isn’t really about how things “look,” so much as it’s about how it makes your customers “feel”—what is the gut feeling?

Logo, fonts, and colors are easy to get right. But you may still be missing the most critical element in graphic design…

In a world full of scammers and hackers, using design to build trust is more important than ever.

And if your customers don't feel they can trust you, no pretty design will ever convince them to do business with you.

If your design doesn't exude trustworthiness and professionalism on your website, your printed material, your apparel, your vehicles, and more—then it isn't working for you…it's actually working against you.

There's No Doubt About It

At Friday Marketing, we can help with the same products you’d ask any other designer for: logos, business cards, infographics, brochures, flyers, car wraps, events, and more.

But we're not just any designers.

We’re unique in our focus on trust-building in design and branding which makes our graphic design services more valuable—instead of simply cranking out marketing materials, we take the time to learn how to make them work best for you.

Have Confidence in Your Graphic Designer

We can confidently say this: search for other graphic design companies. You won't find one like Friday Marketing that tells your story and pays as much attention to strategy as we do.

In addition, our dedication to making you feel comfortable during the process is unmatched. We get approval on every step—and always make sure you’re happy with the results before moving on.

And in the event there’s a problem, we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re happy.

That’s rare though—our clients almost always love our designs, and we typically get approval in the first meeting.

In other words, if you’re looking for something than your average designer, look no further than the team at Friday Marketing.

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Build Trust With Design Backed by Strategy

To talk more about how graphic design can help build trust both online and offline, click the button below to schedule a time to talk or call 916-608-8913.

We were a start-up company spending our investors money. Thus, initially we were looking for great help but we also needed a good value. Debra and her crew took care of us back then and have grown along with us over the last few years. Friday Marketing offers a very wide variety of services that we have dipped into as we needed marketing and support. Additionally, they have done a great job both creating, managing and keeping our website current. With the timely and careful service we receive from them, we really view Friday Marketing as a valuable extension of our own staff.

Mark Bauer
California Safe Soil

Friday Marketing has helped us with marketing strategy, Web, digital, SEO, and e-mail marketing. The depth of knowledge, efficient execution, and results that Friday Marketing have has helped us to achieve have been immensely valuable to our company. SEO is incredibly difficult new companies entering a crowded marketplace, yet with their expert guidance, we have jumped in rankings and are now on page one in one of our top categories! Our Website, digital advertising, and email marketing program continues to deliver a large number of high-quality leads. We highly recommend the Friday Marketing team to anyone looking to scale their business.

Stelli Munnis
Nuance Energy Group, Inc

Working with Friday Marketing has been a wonderful experience. With other agencies, it would have been easy to select a simple operation and have a website up and running in a matter of days but they don't work like that. They will not move forward without creating a strategy for getting your business the web traffic you are seeking. They do a series of strategy sessions that very few companies would ever consider doing, or taking the time to work with you on. This complete strategy analysis provides a customized framework for your business. I would not trust anyone else with my design and marketing content. This has transformed our business and Friday Marketing is second to none!

Paul Chojnacky
Bright Planet Consulting