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Mobile Marketing is Huge in 2015 So Take Advantage With These Tips

January 26, 2015
Mobile Marketing is Huge in 2015 So Take Advantage With These Tips

Guest Writer: Ivan Serrano

It was only a few years ago that eMarketing was the next big thing as it offered numerous benefits and changed the way many businesses approached marketing in general. The rise of mobile has led to yet another major shift for marketers as it is now possible to connect to consumers at almost every point in the day thanks to its ability to constantly connect to the Internet. With over 2 billion smartphone users worldwide the implementation of a mobile marketing strategy can help improve your business by increasing reach and ROI. If you want to make the most out of mobile, the following tips can get you started:

Go Local

Around 80 percent of consumers have searched for local information on their mobile devices. More importantly, 50 percent of consumers that conducted the search on their smartphone visit a store within a day. As the statistics show, mobile users are action-oriented. Generally, they are searching for information while they are on-the-go and have a very specific intent in mind when performing these searches, which leads to a higher conversation rate. Because of mobile users' propensity to search for local, Google actually prioritizes businesses that list their have their address and number listed on their site as well as in Google My Business. Just make sure you keep your contact information updated should you move.

Take Advantage of Geo-Location

Almost all mobile devices have built-in GPS chips. This technology pinpoints a device's current location. Many businesses have taken advantage of this feature by showing ads or coupons to consumers when they are nearby a particular location. This marketing method has been extremely successful for brands that know how to leverage it properly. For example, Outback Steakhouse would serve reminders of their special and other menu promotions when diners were in a 5-mile radius of their restaurant. The campaign saw an 11 percent increase in conversions and also managed to "steal" business away from its competitors. These types of ads are generally served through location-based apps and do require that the user agree to sharing their location with the app and potential advertisers.

Have a Mobile Site

It should come as no surprise that mobile users prefer visiting sites that are optimized for their device. While there are many benefits of smartphones and tablets, it also comes with its downside – mainly a smaller screen and touch-based controls. These limitations mean that your desktop site won't necessarily be user-friendly on mobile. If you have the mindset that your standard site works well enough, you are potentially losing 61 percent of mobile visitors. There are a couple ways to go about improving your mobile site:

  • Create a separate mobile site – If you don't have a presence at all, creating a separate mobile subdomain and site will at least improve your user experience. When creating it, remember to use finger-friendly buttons and keep the high-resolution images to a minimum.
  • Responsive design – Eventually you should move over to a completely responsive site. As the name suggests, this type of site adjusts to fit any size screen. Of course, you still need to worry about how your content looks on screen and the file sizes of your visual content. However, this has the biggest benefit as Google prefers responsive sites over dedicated mobile when ranking page results.

Integrate Mobile into Your Marketing Strategy

Mobile isn't going anywhere and the benefits of embracing this new technology far outweigh the downsides. Not only is it affordable, it gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience at exactly the right place and time.

This article was written by guest writer Ivan Serrano.

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