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Generate More Customers With Social Media Integration

July 23, 2014
Generate More Customers With Social Media Integration

These days, it’s important for every business, no matter the industry, to be active on social media. It’s just one of the main hubs of what makes up great online marketing systems.

Social media can be integrated into your marketing system in many ways, but one of the most important ways is to have links to your social media business pages on your website. It’s far too common nowadays that business’s fail to link their website to their social media. Another location is in your email newsletters. Since newsletters are sent directly to your customers, it’s an easy way for them to find your social media profiles and interact with your business.

Your business’s blog is another great place for social media integration. You can use things like Facebook comments or include links to your pages at the bottom of your posts. All of your blog posts should be shared by copying and pasting the URL link to that blog post onto your social media pages. This, in turn, helps drive more traffic to your website.

Even videos can be integrated with social media. You can have the URL of your social media pages appear at the end of a video and you can include links to your pages in the description of the video for users to click.

One more way to connect your social media pages is actually with one another. Many networks like Google+, YouTube, and Facebook have places for you to enter links to your other social media pages. Make sure to utilize this and if there isn’t a place for links, then share them in a post. It’s just another great way to grow your marketing system using social media.

Social media can and should be integrated into your marketing system in every way possible. It’s a great way to generate more customers for your business by driving more traffic to you website.

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