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Blue Heron Cases Case Study

January 22, 2015
Blue Heron Cases Case Study

Friday Marketing is happy to announce the launch of another website, this time for Blue Heron Cases. Blue Heron Cases provides custom made soft cases for a variety of instruments. Blue Heron Cases’ new website can be viewed Here.

When we were approached by Blue Heron Cases, their main focus was that they needed a website update. We wanted to provide them with a website that provided them with not only a better look but with better functionality and user experience.

When you first visit Blue Heron Cases’ website, you’re immediately greeted by earthy colors and beautiful images of instruments that they make soft cases for. When it came to user experience, it was important for Blue Heron Cases’ website to present the information about their cases (photos, sizes, prices) in an organized manner. When a user visits Blue Heron’s list of soft cases, they can easily find what type of case they are looking for by instrument and after selecting an instrument, they can view photos and an organized chart with sizing and pricing information.

Making Blue Heron’s website easy to navigate was important so that users can find what they need, stay on the website longer, and turn into customers. In addition to that, people needed to know how to get in contact with Blue Heron Cases via phone since that’s how they take orders. So, no matter what page you are on, there are at least 3 spots with their phone number—one at the top, one in the content area, and one in the footer. This ensures that every customer can find their phone number no matter where they are looking.

Blue Heron Cases' website is also now responsive, meaning the layout responds to the size of the device it's being viewed on. This provides users with a consistent user experience and the ability to find information about their cases on the go on their mobile devices.

We enjoyed designing Blue Heron’s new website and we’re proud to show it off. It’s our commitment at Friday Marketing to provide our clients with websites that deliver results.

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